Lancashire Teaching
Ergonomic Laptop ArmOpen Front With Large Storage SpaceCompact & ManoeuvrableInterchangeable AccessoriesElectrically Height Adjustable

Ergonomic Laptop Arm

The Trust already used laptops as part of their Order Comms system. But, the laptops would now be mounted to the worktop with an ergonomic arm. Consequently, freeing up valuable worktop space and providing additional flexibility.

Open Front With Large Storage Space

The cart was customised by the hospital to feature an open front for ease of access. As well as, space for a sharps bin inside the bottom of the cart. At the same time the cart provides substantial storage for both samples and supplies.

Compact & Manoeuvrable

While carrying out blood collection, the mobile MediCab can be moved wherever it is required. Therefore, it is keeping close proximity to the patient and minimising the potential for error.

Interchangeable Accessories

The unit features a modular system allows the addition of interchangeable accessories. The Phlebotomists workflow required a selection of accessories. This includes a non-clinical waste bin, sanitary wipes holder, barcode scanner mounts & printer mounts. All of which were able to be supported by this system.

Electrically Height Adjustable

The MediCab features an electrically height adjustable cabinet, with power supplied by an on-board battery. This allows each user to adjust the MediCab to a comfortable working height. It also provides quick and easy ergonomic access to supplies without bending down.