Morecambe Bay
Integrated PC & On-board BatteryElectrically Height AdjustableLockable Storage SpaceAnti-Bacterial Cleanable SurfacesRange of Accessories

Integrated PC & On-board Battery

Each unit features secure storage for a Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro PC and an on-board Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, resulting in an ‘all-in-one’ fully integrated healthcare cart solution.

Electrically Height Adjustable

The OmniCart features a fully electrically height adjustable worktop and an independently height adjustable screen allowing each user to adjust to a comfortable working height.

Lockable Storage Space

The Trust required a large lockable storage space for medicine and samples to secure the stock whilst the cart was not in use.

Anti-Bacterial Cleanable Surfaces

Each cart was specified with Anti-Bacterial paint, worktop and drawers as standard to reduce risk of infection.

Range of Accessories

The cart featured a range of accessories specific to the users needs: Hook on door pocket, sharps bin mount & security cable bracket.