Solent NHS

“Improve drug storage so that more medication can be stored in one cart.”

The Trust can now store all the medication they need in a single cart, making drugs rounds easier and quicker, as well as reducing the total number of carts needed.

“Eliminate the risks involving lost or misplaced keys which could potentially affect patient safety.”

New code locks were provided on all of the carts eliminating the risk of losing keys.

“Source an easy-to-move cart that can be used across several bays.”

Despite its large storage space, the MediCab Duo is easily maneuverable across several bays with its high quality castors and grab handles.

“Must be able to organise medication within the cart and accommodate bottle storage.”

Drawer dividers were provided to help nurses effectively organise their medication. Each MediCab Duo also features a separate section at the rear of the unit specifically designed for upright bottle storage.