Comfortable day-to-day useMaking drugs rounds quick and easySecure drugs storage and IT hardware

Comfortable day-to-day use

Recognising the importance of staff well-being and ergonomics, the medical carts also incorporated height adjustment for easy access to medication and supplies at any height, promoting optimal posture and reducing back strain.

This functionality helped ensure the comfort and overall well-being of the nurses who will use the solution every day.

Making drugs rounds quick and easy

Having integrated all of the necessary equipment into one workstation, the medical carts have increased the efficiency of each shift and have offered mobile drugs storage to work alongside the POD lockers at the side of each bed.

The carts provide an opportunity for The Trust’s healthcare professionals to experience improved workflow efficiency by having secure access to EPMA systems at the point of care.

Secure drugs storage and IT hardware

Each workstation features fully enclosed & secure drawer space for medication and medical supplies.

This ensures the cart adheres to BS:2881 standards, ensuring the safety of medication in busy hospital environments. Secure brackets were also supplied to help protect the laptops whilst still maintaining access to the keyboard and screen.