MediCab XL

MediCab XL

The MediCab is been designed to facilitate the use of technology within hospital environments and can be used for a variety of healthcare applications. Featuring an electrically height adjustable cabinet, the MediCab XL offers the most storage space of the range while maintaining it’s signature high level of manoeuvrability and access.

Smooth castors and built in handles ensure easy transportation, whilst its robust steel design and lockable storage space result in a secure and durable solution for any hospital workspace. The medical cart also features a groove underneath the edge of the worktop, allowing for the interchangeable addition of accessories such as disposable sharps bin mounts, gel bottle holders, barcode scanners & printers and more (see accessories page).


  • Antibacterial powder coat finish
  • Durable, chemical resistant, and antibacterial compact laminate worktop
  • Choose from a range of single and double height tray configurations
  • Lockable 270° opening door
  • Coiled mains cable
  • Built in handles and twin wheel castors for easy maneuverability


  • Range of monitor mount options
  • Label printer mount
  • Barcode scanner mount
  • Security cable hasp
  • Sharps bin mount
  • Non-clinical waste hoop
  • Gel bottle holder
    Click HERE for accessories


  • Secure monitor mount suitable for all-in-one medical grade computers
  • Upgrade from 3 inch to 4 inch Castors for added manoeuvrability and stability over uneven surfaces


  • Electrically height adjustable cabinet.
  • Adaptable to your needs, able to accommodate and integrate a wide range of laptops, monitors and all-in-one medical grade computers.
  • Lockable cabinet, ensuring the safety of medication in busy hospital environments.
  • Flexible tray configurations.
  • Ergonomically designed with a small footprint and built in handles for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Built to last, with steel construction and durable compact laminate work surface.
  • Infection control friendly design, with anti-bacterial and cleanable surfaces, so dirt and germs cannot accumulate.

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