Researchers from the Universities of York, Manchester and Sheffield report that on average, 712 deaths a year were definitively linked to avoidable adverse drug reactions (ADR) being the main cause of death. It is also estimated that 237 million medication errors occur in NHS England every year; this has contributed to the need for solutions. Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA), is one of the ways the NHS is seeking to reduce these errors. EPMA combines three functions to provide clinical staff with an integrated view of a patient’s medication history:

  • Electronic communication of a prescription or medicine order
  • Aiding the choice, administration and supply of a medicine through improved record keeping
  • Providing a robust audit trail for the entire medicine distribution process

In doing so EPMA delivers a broad range of benefits:

  • Patient Safety
  • No more illegible, ambiguous or incomplete prescriptions and notes
  • Single and comprehensive view of a patient’s current and historical drug record
  • Real-time support to guide and improve the appropriateness and accuracy of prescribing
  • Real-time view of medicines administration

Alongside a reduction in errors, EPMA is also estimated to reduce the time it takes to prescribe, check, supply and administer in-patient drugs. According to the report, it is estimated that the overall saving to the NHS could be more than £98.5 million per year.

Where does Dalen Healthcare fit in?

Increasingly, more and more NHS trusts are implementing EPMA systems and in doing so require additional infrastructure to support the technology. Dalen Healthcare are a provider of medical trolleys that support mobile EPMA systems for e-prescribing and digital record keeping at the patient’s bedside. While often overlooked, a well-designed cart is an essential part of any EPMA solution, playing a key role in the adoption and success of the system by key stakeholders.

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